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Drawing & Design Workshops

Quilting Workshops are a place for participants to gain new insight into the wonderful art of quilting.


My quilting workshops are design-oriented and focus on the individual: participants do not all make the same quilt!  In all
of my workshops, each participant receives one-on-one attention to develop and enhance their personal knowledge and skill-set.  I work with each student to help them expand their own creative abilities and push the boundaries of what they know about quilting,  Students will find that each workshop is a unique learning experience.


Room requirements:
Quilting workshops can be held in any room that has plenty of light and provides each student with a flat surface to work on.  Each student will need a chair, and table space that is equivalent to the size of a card table.  Additionally, there should be electrical outlets for each student’s sewing machine, and sufficient electrical outlets for each student to be able to iron.  An ironing station is recommended: 1 station/4 students.

Would you like me to send you a Workshop Booklet?

You can also download here.

applique flowers and leaves.jpg

Applique Flowers and Leaves
Applique is a wonderful way to create and enhance a quilt.  In this workshop students will explore the delights of using applique as a basis for contemporary quilts.  This workshop has been designed for quilters with some quilting experience


Students will learn to:

  • Design and expland simple motifs

  • Use color to enhance an applique design

  • Embellish an applique design with ribbon, yarn, and beads

  • We will explore 3 different ways to applique motifs:  Needle Turn Applique, Raw Edge Machine Applique, and Turned Edge Machine Applique


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